Versatex Fixer

Additive for Versatex Screen Printing Inks. Increases washfastness and eliminates the need for heat setting.

NEW FORMULA - Versatex Fixer is newly improved and fixes better than ever!*

*Please note: the improved formula is incompatible with the old fixer. Do NOT use in combination with the old fixer unless the ink will be used immediately!

2 fl oz/59 ml (Item VFI0000) pictured
4 fl oz/118 ml (Item VFI1000) pictured
16 fl oz/0.47 L (Item VFI2000) pictured
1 gal/3.79 L (Item VFI3000)


Add 1% to 3% Versatex Fixer to Versatex Screen Printing Ink. DO NOT EXCEED 3%. (For example: 1-2 teaspoons per pint.) Mix well. Apply ink to fabric, paper, wood, leather, etc. and allow to air dry at room temperature for several days before washing. For immediate washing, run fabric through a normal clothes dryer for 10 or more minutes, iron or heat press once prints have air dried. Fixer has a potency of approximately 8-12 hours. Fixer will not ruin your ink. Additional fixer can be added to ink to recharge when potency has expired.

Always test prior to production runs. Water-based & Non-toxic.