Jacquard Tjanting Tools set of 3

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Tjanting Tools

Traditional Tjanting Tools

These are traditional tools used to draw and apply hot wax to fabric in batik.

Available in 3 spout sizes.

 Fine  (Item 9901101)
 Medium  (Item 9902101)
 Large  (Item 9903101)
 Set of 3 (1 of ea. size)  (Item 9904101) pictured

Electric Batik Funnel Pen

(Item 9901104)

This electric tool melts candles, crayons, batik wax and paraffin to produce a controlled line. It heats quickly and maintains an even melting temperature. Instructions included.

CAUTION! This pen should not be used by children under the age of 15 without adult supervision.

9901104 Electric Batik Funnel Pen