Tie Dye Kits

These kits are some of our most popular products! All Jacquard Tie Dye Kits are easy-to-use, no two results are ever exactly alike and the design possibilities are endless. They make great gifts and are wonderful party activities. Kits contain everything needed for dyeing (except the fabric): pre-measured Procion MX Dye powder (in convenient applicator bottles), Soda Ash dye fixer, rubber bands, gloves and easy-to-follow instructions.

xxxCamo Tie Dye

Camo Tie Dye

Unique kit creates authentic camo patterns. Dyes up to 4 T-shirts.

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xxxFunky Groovy Tie Dye

Funky Groovy Tie Dye

3-color, original tie dye kit. Dyes up to 5 T-shirts.

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xxxIndigo Tie Dye

Indigo Tie Dye

Easy-to-use kit quickly produces an Indigo vat. Dyes up 15 T-shirts.

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xxxJewel Tones Tie Dye

Jewel Tones Tie Dye

Each of these 7 trendy, 2-color kits will dye up to 2 T-shirts.

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xxxLarge Tie Dye

Large Tie Dye

Large, 3-color tie dye kit dyes up to 15 T-shirts.

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