Textured Vase with Pearl Ex

by syndee holt

These simple glass columns are spiced up with a quick application of textured metallics — thanks to Pearl Ex and Sculpey!


  • Glass vase
  • Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments. I've used 3 colors on each vase. Suggested color combinations:
    • Spring Green, True Blue, Super Copper
    • Salmon, Sky Blue Reflex Violet
    • Super Russet, Spring Green, Aztec Gold
  • Aztec Gold Lumiere
  • Black or Pearl Premo! Sculpey — 60 oz. each
  • Use textured sheet of your choice for embossing I've used the Zebra Animal Print
  • Clay dedicated pasta machine or something like a rolling pin to flatten the clay.
  • Small foam brush

1) Wipe the PrintMaker with a damp cloth and lay the PrintMaker on a sheet of conditioned clay on the sheet. Either run both through the pasta machine on the widest setting or roll a smooth cylinder over the back of the PrintMaker to make an even impression.

2) Apply Pearl Ex in random colors onto the sheet of textured clay.

3) Tear the clay in small uneven pieces and collage them onto the glass vase - no glue is needed. When the vase is covered with clay pieces, bake as directed on the clay package.

4) When the baked vase has cooled, wash a section of the vase with a layer of Lumiere. Immediately wipe the surface with a dampened paper towel. This will lift the Lumiere off of the Pearl Ex surfaces.

5) Repeat Step 5 in sections until the vase has been entirely washed in Gold Lumiere.

6) Allow to dry and you are done!

Finished project

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Textured Vase with Pearl Ex


Think you don't have time to play with polymer clay? Syndee Holt is a single mom, with a full-time job at UCSD, President of the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild, member of The Spanish Village Artist's Association in Balboa Park, designer, writer, and teacher of polymer clay. Her children, Tahichi and Koji, are very much involved in her work, helping with design, color and content on a regular basis.