Sunflower Stained Glass

by Lisa Bacon

I love cruising thrift store and flea markets for discarded “treasures” I can recycle into fun projects for my home or as gifts for friends. This embossed glass jar came from a local thrift shop. I used Jacquard Products’ Piñata Color transparent, alcohol-based inks and Pearl Ex mica powders to quickly transform the jar.


1) Starting with a clean, dry and oil-free surface, I applied the Piñata Colors with inexpensive natural bristle brushes. Beginning with the leaves and stems, I painted with Lime Green #021. Long strokes in the leaves created a textured look. Additional layers of green added more pigment and texture. (Note: Dry Piñata Colors will re-solubilize when brushed with wet ink or the Clear Extender. Excess ink can be wiped off immediately or dried ink may be removed using the Piñata Clean Up Solution. You can repaint as needed.)

Step 1

2) For the petals of the sunflower I used Piñata Sunbright Yellow #002.

3) For the center of the sunflower, I used a stippling-like technique. I dipped the brush into Piñata Burro Brown #025, then directly into Pearl Ex Powder Brilliant Gold #656 and dabbed the mixture of the two onto the bottle. To create the “shading” look for the center of the sunflower, I first dabbed the Burro Brown alone and then Piñata Clear Extender with the Brilliant Gold #656 as described above. Mixing the powder with the ink created a nice texture and adhered well to the glass.

Step 2

4) Just add flowers!!

Finished project

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Sunflower Stained Glass