SolarFast Pillow Cover

Project by Nico MJ and Pattern Design by Aner Regev

Use Jacquard’s SolarFast™ dye and the sun to create a unique pillow cover! This easy process allows you to customize fabric and paper with your favorite artwork. Use any black and white image you want—if you can print it off your computer, then you can solar print it onto fabric!


• Artwork/Design
SolarFast™ Film or Transparency
• 16 in. x 16 in. Pillow Cover
SolarFast™ dye, 4 fl. oz. (Black)
• Wooden stick for mixing
• Glass
• Painting Tray
• Roller Brush
• Paper Towel
• Piece of wood (little bigger than the pillow cover)
SolarFast™ Wash
Note: You will need access to a sink or a washing machine

1. Print out a negative of the artwork onto SolarFast™ Film, or a transparency, and gather all other materials into your work area. Make sure the darkest areas of your negative are completely opaque.

2. Shake well and then pour about half of the 4 oz. bottle of black SolarFast™ into the painting tray. Add water (2 parts dye,1 part water ratio) and then mix dye and water together with the wooden stick. For darker shades, use the dye undiluted.

3. Using the roller brush, apply the dye to the entire front of the pillow cover. The dye will have a greenish-yellow hue.

4. After the pillow cover is painted, blot the excess with a paper towel. The fabric should be damp with dye, but not soaking wet.

5. Place the pillow cover onto the piece of wood. First place the piece of transparency (print side up!) and then place the glass onto the painted surface. Now take it all together outside, into the sunlight.

6. After 20 minutes in the sun, the dye will transform into a darker, brownishblack hue. Bring the project back inside.

7. Carefully remove the glass panel and transparency. The yellowishgreen hue of the unexposed dye will still be visible.

8. In a plugged sink, pour about 2 caps of SolarFast™ Wash into about a gallon of hot water. Wash out the remaining dye from the pillow case. (You can also wash out the underdeveloped dye by washing in your washing machine, on its hottest cycle.) The better you wash, the whiter your white areas will be!

9. Voila! After washing, turn the pillow cover inside out and hang to dry. The greenish-yellowish hue will change to an off-white, and the brownish hue of the black will become blacker. It’s a great wabi sabi look— vintage, grungy, the beauty of imperfection!

Finished project

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SolarFast Pillow Cover


Nico M J (Singapore) and her friend, Aner Regev (Israel), love to create artwork in their spare time. Aner has been actively drawing since he was a kid. Nico, who always has been interested in photography, design and fashion, uses Aner’s drawings to create colorful images on fabric—home decor, clothing, etc.