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Safety Data Sheets in PDF format. 

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Body Art

For Body Art Kits SDS sheets, click here

PDF - Eucalyptus OilEucalyptus Oil PDF - Henna SDSHenna  PDF - JaguaJagua - Pre-mixed  PDF - JaguaJagua - 100% Pure

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Airfix PDF - Discharge Reduction Agent SDSDischarge Reduction Agent Permanent Dyeset Concentrate Sodium Alginate SH
Alum PDF - Drawing Fluid SDS SheetDrawing Fluid Photo Emulsion/Diazo Sensitizer Sodium Hydrosulfite/Color Remover
Bleach Thickener Fabric Sculpting Medium Puff Additive PDF - Softening Additive for JSI SDS SheetSoftening Additive for JSI
Calgon Fabric Softener Reactive Dye Fixative PDF - Synthetic Gall SDSSynthetic Gall
Carrageenan Gum Arabic Screen Drawing Fluid Synthrapol
Citric Acid PDF - Hand Cleanser Kresto Color Ultra-SDSHand Cleanser - Kresto Kolor Ultra Screen Filler & Block Out Urea
PDF - Color IntensifierColor Intensifier deColourant & deColourant Mist Screen Ink Discharge Additive Versatex Fixer
Color Magnet Pen Ludigol Screen Life  
Color Magnet Methocel Silk Salt  
PDF - Discharge Additive SDSDischarge Additive No Flow Soda Ash  


No longer available:

PDF - Print Base Kit SDSPrint Base Kit PDF - Sodium Alginate F SDSSodium Alginate F PDF - Superclear Dye Thickener SDSSuperclear Dye Thickener PDF - Thiourea Dioxide SDSThiourea Dioxide
PDF - Versatex Dispersant SDSVersatex Dispersant  PDF - Zinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate SDSZinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate    


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Cyanotype Set Ferric Ammonium Citrate Potassium Ferricyanide  


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Acid Dye

600 Ecru 610 Burgundy 620 Hot Fuchsia 630 Spruce
601 Sun Yellow 611 Vermillion 621 Sky Blue 631 Teal
602 Bright Yellow 612 Lilac 622 Sapphire Blue 632 Chestnut
603 Golden Yellow 613 Purple 623 Brilliant Blue 633 Aztec Gold
604 Burnt Orange 614 Violet 624 Turquoise 634 Olive
605 Pumpkin Orange 615 Periwinkle 625 Royal Blue 635 Brown
606 Deep Orange 616 Russet 626 Navy Blue 636 Golden Ochre
607 Salmon 617 Cherry Red 627 Kelly Green 637 Gun Metal
608 Pink 618 Fire Red 628 Chartreuse 638 Silver Grey
609 Scarlet 619 Crimson 629 Emerald 639 Jet Black


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Basic Dyes 

PDF - Basic Dye Yellow, Orange and Green SDS001 Yellow, 005 Orange & 021 Green PDF - Basic Dye Red SDS009 Red PDF - Basic Dye Turquoise SDS017 Turquoise PDF - Basic Dye Black SDS025 Black
PDF - Basic Dye Golden Yellow SDS003 Golden Yellow PDF - Basic Dye Purple and Blue SDS011 Purple & 015 Blue PDF - Basic Dye Malachite SDS019 Malachite  
PDF - Basic Dye Pink SDS007 Pink PDF - Basic Dye Crystal Violet SDS013 Crystal Violet PDF - Basic Dye Brown SDS023 Brown  


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iDye Natural

402 Ecru 410 Scarlet 418 Turquoise 426 Olive
403 Sun Yellow 411 True Red 419 Royal Blue 427 Brown
404 Bright Yellow 412 Fire Red 420 Navy 428 Gold Ochre
405 Fluorescent Yellow  413 Crimson 421 Kelly Green 429 Gun Metal
406 Golden Yellow 414 Lilac 422 Chartreuse 430 Silver Grey 
407 Pumpkin 415 Violet 423 Emerald 431 Black
408 Deep Orange 416 Purple 424 Chestnut   
409 Pink 417 Brilliant Blue 425 Aztec Gold  
iDye Fixative  Color Remover    


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 iDye Poly

447 Yellow Poly   451 Blue Poly   455 Golden Yellow Poly 459 Turquoise Poly 
448 Orange Poly  452 Green Poly 456 Pink Poly 460 Kelly Green Poly
449 Red Poly 453 Brown Poly 457 Crimsom Poly 461 Gun Metal Poly
450 Violet Poly 454 Black Poly 458 Lilac Poly 462 Silver Gray Poly
Color Intensifier      


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Procion MX

004 Lemon Yellow 042 Raspberry 086 Forest Green 170 Ecru
010 Bright Golden Yellow 050 Deep Purple 094 Emerald Green 180 Peach
011 Antique Gold 058 Marine Violet 097 Bright Green 184 Bubble Gum
016 Rust Orange 068 Turquoise 105 Olive Green 192 Lilac
020 Brilliant Orange 069 Aqua Marine 106 Bronze 199 Ice Blue
028 Bright Scarlet 070 Cerulean 107 Avocado 201 Robin's Egg Blue
030 Fire Engine Red 071 Teal 119 Chocolate Brown 210 Pale Aqua
032 Carmine Red 072 Medium Blue 124 Burgundy 211 Neutral Grey
034 Magenta 076 Cobalt Blue 126 Brown Rose 230 Pearl Grey
035 Hot Pink 078 Navy 128 Warm Black 231 Violet
040 Fuchsia 079 Midnight Blue 150 Jet Black 232 Bright Blue


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SolarFast Dye Colors  SolarFast Wash   SolarFast Thickener   


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Other Dyes

Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon Green Label Silk Colors Pre-Reduced Indigo Super Fast Acid Dye for Wool
Cochineal Henna Red Label Silk Colors  


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Kits, Sets and Class Packs

Glitter Kit

PDF - Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink SDSGlitter Kit: Glitter PDF - Photo Emulsion & Diazo Sensitizer SDSGlitter Kit: Adhesive for Skin    



Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Kits

PDF - Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink SDSJacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink PDF - Photo Emulsion & Diazo Sensitizer SDSPhoto Emulsion & Diazo Sensitizer    



Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit

PDF - JaguaJagua Pre-mixed Powder PDF - Transfer CreamTransfer Cream PDF - Eucalyptus OilEucalyptus Oil  



Indigo Tie Dye Kit

Pre-Reduced Indigo Sodium Hydrosulfite/Color Remover    



Marbling Kit

SDS -Marbling ColorsMarbling Color SDS - AlumAlum SDS - CarrageenanCarrageenan SDS - Synthetic GallSynthetic Gall



Mehndi Henna Kit

PDF - Henna SDSHenna PDF - Eucalyptus OilEucalyptus Oil PDF -Citrus/Sugar SolutionCitrus/Sugar Solution  

Metallic Calligraphy Set with Pearl Ex & Gum Arabic

643 Pink Gold 654 Super Russet 687 True Blue 648 Gum Arabic
645 Grey Lavender 658 Aztec Gold 691 Solar Gold  
651 Pearl White 663 Silver 694 Rose Gold  

Tie Dye Kits and Class Packs

PDF -Tie Dye Procion Dyes SDS SheetTie Dye Kits & Class Packs - 3 color      


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Paints & Inks

Airbrush Color Lumiere PDF - Pinata all colors, Claro Extender + Clean Up SDSPinata Alcohol Inks, Claro Extender & Clean Up Solution  
Dye-Na-Flow Marbling Color Textile Colors  
Jacquard Screen Ink Neopaque Versatex Printing Inks  
Lumiere 3D      


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Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments

630 Citrine 645 Grey Lavender 660 Antique Bronze 685 Spring Green
631 Scarlet 646 Mink 661 Antique Copper 686 Turquoise
632 Magenta 647 Sky Blue 662 Antique Silver 687 True Blue
633 Shimmer Violet    650 Micropearl 663 Silver 688 Misty Lavender
634 Sapphire Blue 651 Pearl White 664 Super Bronze 689 Blue Russet
635 Apple Green 652 Macropearl 665 Sunset Gold 691 Solar Gold
636 Emerald 653 Red Russet 670 Interference Red 694 Rose Gold
637 Dark Brown 654 Super Russet 671 Interference Blue 680 Duo Red-Blue
640 Carbon Black 655 Super Copper 672 Interference Green PDF - Pearl Ex 693 Duo Blue-Green SDS681 Duo Blue-Green
641 Pumpkin Orange 656 Brilliant Gold 673 Interference Violet 693 Duo Violet-Brass
642 Salmon Pink 657 Sparkle Gold 674 Interference Gold  
643 Pink Gold 658 Aztec Gold 683 Bright Yellow Pearl Ex Varnish
644 Reflex Violet 659 Antique Gold 684 Flamingo Pink Pearl Ex Watercolor CD


No longer available:

PDF - Pearl Ex Duo Green-Yellow MSDS682 Duo Green-Yellow PDF - Pearl Ex Duo Sparkling Copper MSDS690 Sparkling Copper 692 Duo Green-Purple  


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PDF - Gutta Resist ALL colors SDSGutta Resist Permanent Water-based Resist    
Gutta Resist Solvent PDF - Removable Water-based Resist SDSRemovable Water-based Resist    


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Screen Printing Supplies

PDF - Color Magnet for Screen Printing SDSColor Magnet for Screen Printing PDF - Puff Additive SDSPuff Additive PDF - Screen Ink Discharge Additive SDSScreen Ink Discharge Additive PDF - Softening Additive for JSI SDSSoftening Additive for JSI
PDF - deColourant SDSdeColourant PDF - Screen Drawing Fluid SDSScreen Drawing Fluid PDF - Screen Life SDSScreen Life SolarFast Thickener
PDF - Photo Emulsion SDSDiazo Sensitizer/Photo Emulsion PDF - Screen Filler & Block Out SDSScreen Filler & Block Out PDF - Sodium Alginate SH SDSSodium Alginate SH  


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Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers

Tee Juice Broad Point Markers Tee Juice Fine Point Markers Tee Juice Medium Point Markers  


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PDF - Auto Fade Pen SDSAuto Fade Pen      


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Varnishes and Mediums

Airbrush Varnish Pearl Ex Varnish    


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Batik Wax Encaustic Medium Paraffin Wax White Beeswax
Damar Resin Microcrystaline Wax Soy Wax Yellow Beeswax
Dorland's Wax Medium      


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