Sayra Adams

Sayra Adams started out making fanciful, romantic ladies hats in 1991. She has an innate gift with color, which led to many fun hat designs. After years of dyeing silks, and fashioning straw hats, she switched gears. Felt! Wool felt, it took hold and wouldn’t let go. She started carding her own dyed fibers for felting. With a crawling baby underfoot, life presented a challenge. It became harder to craft those elaborate hats of the past!

She started carding artsy fiber batts, finding joy in simply combining colors. From milliner to indie fiber interesting journey began. One that includes spinning her own art yarns, and most recently learning to knit!

Sayra manifests her creativity by dyeing wool with Jacquard acid dyes, and many other fibers in her quaint country studio. She’s living the good life in the hills of North Idaho with her family. Now and then she still makes a few hats.

See more a Sayra's work at her Etsy Store.

“I’m forever chasing the rainbow…there’s so many colors to dye. The magical alchemy of dye keeps me going. The excitement of seeing plain white fibers take on a myriad of colors is intoxicating.”

“I love the versatility of Jacquard Acid Dyes! It’s a breeze to custom blend for my own colors. Their acid dyes are extremely concentrated. A little bit goes a long way, which is brilliant and thrifty! I love how the color sticks to the fiber, with mostly clear water left over.”

“Nobody does neon shades like Jacquard! I live for Hot Fuchsia and Chartreuse acid dye.”

Sayra Adams