Resists are used in Serti style silk painting to create barriers for Silk Colors or Dye-Na-Flow as the color spreads on the fabric. “Serti” means to encircle or enclose, and this technique allows silk painters to achieve stained-glass window effects. Typically, the resist is applied through a fine-line applicator, brush or screen.

xxxGutta & Gutta Solvent

Gutta & Gutta Solvent

Colored and clear permanent resist. Solvent thins resist and cleans tools.

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xxxPermanent Water-based<br />     Resist

Permanent Water-based

Metallic resist holds fine, crisp lines and is completely permanent.

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xxxRemovable Water-based<br />     Resist

Removable Water-based

Clear resist washes out easily with water and can be colored with any water-based dye.

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This gutta offers all the advantages of permanent and removable resists, without any of the disadvantages.

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