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PRODUCT UPDATE: Jacquard’s Cyanotype Set

New Packaging for Popular, DIY Sun-Printing Set!

We are excited to announce a packaging reset for one of our most popular items, the two-component Cyanotype Set. The set now comes in a slick fold-over blister that is much easier to handle, ship, and display and has a much more “professional” look and feel compared to the previous, shrink-wrapped packaging.

Cyanotype is the original sun-printing process. After 175 years, it remains the simplest, most accessible, versatile, and magical photographic process. Jacquard’s Cyanotype Set makes sun-printing easier than ever!

NEW PRODUCTS: Piñata Class Pack

Get ready to unleash your creativity with the NEW Piñata Class Pack

Piñata Class PackThese unique inks have become extremely popular, especially among artists working on hard surfaces.

Painting with Piñata Alcohol Inks on YUPO® synthetic paper is great for any age and every artistic level. 

Recommended for up to 30 individuals, this class pack contains everything you need for a fun and exciting group activity!

NEW PRODUCTS: Empty Containers

Whether for storage, color mixing, or packaging your own products, everyone can use quality jars and bottles. There may not be a genie inside of each one, but the value of Jacquard's containers is undeniable. 

Jacquard's Empty ContainersMade in the USA, they are the same top quality containers we use to package all of our products, and are available in multiple sizes in four options:
- Clear
- Black
Metal (stainless steel)
- Translucent/White

PRODUCT UPDATE: YouCAN Innovation Award & Jacquard’s Trending Products!

YouCAN award

We are proud to announce that our YouCAN Refillable Air Powered Spray Can won 2nd Place in the "International Innovation Award for Creative Tool of the Year” at the at Creativeworld tradeshow!

Many of our products were prominently featured in the “Trends” area at Creativeworld (photo, left). All the items featured have skyrocketed in popularity, in markets all over the world, in the last 6-12 months:

PRODUCT UPDATE: 8 New Colors + Rack Expansion for Airbrush & Neopaque

Airbrush and Neopaque Sneaker ColorsWe’re excited to announce the addition of 8 essential Sneaker Series colors in (both sprayable and brushable formulations) for our Airbrush Color & Neopaque product lines!

With unparalleled vibrancy, coverage and permanence on surfaces from fabric to leather to vinyl, they hold up to wear better than any paint on the market.

The new colors are easily accommodated on the existing rack displays with the addition of a new rack tier.
Airbrush Color 7 Tier Rack
Lumiere/Neopaque 7 Tier Rack

Sneaker Series colors - Airbrush & Neopaque

PRODUCT UPDATE: Piñata Alcohol Ink

Pinata 4oz rackJacquard’s Piñata Alcohol Ink line has grown, and the entire 4 oz assortment is now available on a beautiful new rack display

Brass and Copper are stunning metallic colors made from genuine metal pigments.

Mix the metallic white Pearl with the original dye-based colors for entirely new palettes of pearlescent colors. 

Pinata metallic samples

NEW PRODUCTS: Body Art product family

Jacquard is now a one-stop shop for premium and specialty body art materials! 

We are proud to now offer a wide assortment of unique, top quality tools and materials, including:

NEW PRODUCTS: Spirit Body Art Transfer Paper from Jacquard

Body Art Transfer PaperBody art made with henna and jagua lasts a long time and creating a new design directly on the skin can be nerve-wracking. Body Art Transfer Paper can provide peace of mind.

Simply draw or trace a design on the Transfer Paper, and the pressure of your pencil will create an impact impression that can be easily transferred to the skin. Once transferred, simply trace the design with the henna or jagua. 

Body Art Transfer Paper is a Spirit product brought to you in partnership with Jacquard. Trusted by professional tattoo artists for decades, Spirit Paper is behind virtually every great tattoo.

NEW PRODUCTS: YouCAN Refillable Air Powered Spray Can

Pump with YouCANJacquard’s new YouCAN is the first ever refillable air powered spray can that looks and feels just like a regular aerosol can.

It can be filled with ANY liquid and used over and over again!

Simply fill the can with the medium of your choosing, pressurize with a bike pump or compressor, and spray! When it runs out, start over and do it again! 

For ages 12+

NEW PRODUCTS: Table Top Displays

Did you know that Jacquard offers a variety of table top displays?

Glitter/Jagua/Mehndi Henna Table Top DisplayJacquard's Body Art and Tie Dye kits are great gift and impulse items. With the new table top displays, now you can show off these popular kits right at the register or help desk where they are sure to catch the customer's eye! 

NEW PPRODUCT: Resistad Water-based Gutta – Medium Concentrate

Resistad sampleResistad is the world's top performing water-based gutta resist! 

Developed by John Mitchell of Procolour in New Zealand, the formula was acquired and further improved upon by Jacquard Products in early 2017.

Resistad's unique chemistry offers all the advantages of both permanent and removable resists plus more, without any of the disadvantages. This is what has made it the almost universally favored resist of silk painters all over the world!

"Jacquard sent me a test sample of their new Resistad brew. According to my tests their brew will thrash the pants off the old stuff....... After I get over the dent to my manufacturing ego, at least I'll be able to Retire In Peace!" (John Mitchell, Procolour)


Jacquard is excited to now offer a wide assortment of Basic Dyes!

Literally the brightest colors on the planet, Basic Dyes are also the easiest dyes to use. They are the go-to colorants for difficult-to-dye materials such as wood, reeds and plastics.

Now available in 2 sizes13 beautiful colors and an 8-color set, Jacquard is proud to offer the only line of Basic Dyes on the market.Basic Dye - all 1/2 oz colors

Many changes:
- new look (re-designed label)
- new 1/2 oz size
- new colors (5)
- new color #'s for all
- new set
- new rack


Pearl Ex Duo Blue-Green drawdownDuo Blue-Green is IN! 
Duo Green-Purple is out... 

We updated a few colors in our Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments line.

The exciting news is one of our most popular colors, the Duo Blue-Green #681, is back and available once again!

The bad news is that we are no longer able to offer the Duo Green-Purple #692 because critical raw materials are no longer available. 

Duo colors shift hue depending on the background color and angle of viewing. This drawdown (on the right) shows the new 681 pigment on a black surface (top) and a white surface (bottom).

NEW PRODUCT: Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit with Transfer Paper

Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit processTest drive tattoo ideas and fool your friends with Jacquard’s new Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit!

A bluish-black temporary tattoo ink made from an Amazonian fruit juice, jagua has been used by indigenous peoples of the Amazon for thousands of years to create body art.

  • Safe, non-toxic and 100% natural
  • Jagua tattoos last 1-2 weeks & LOOK LIKE A REAL TATTOO!
  • Use the provided Transfer Paper for easy tracing of custom designs, or freehand draw directly onto the skin (see images on right).

All the necessary tools are included in the kit. For ages 12+.

NEW PRODUCT: Magic Touch Class Packs

Magic Touch Class Packs - stepsThere is nothing quite like painting on silk, and Magic Touch boards makes it easier than ever!

Kids and adults alike, no matter what their skill level or inclinations, will have great results with these new class packs. The process of painting the colors on silk and watching them flow on the fabric is nothing short of enchanting.

Magic Touch Coloring Board Class Pack – pre-printed designs for easy painting
Magic Touch Silk Painting Class Pack – blank boards with accessories for custom painting

Both Class Packs include everything you need: Magic Touch boards, Dye-Na-Flow paint, paint brushes, paint palette trays and more!

For ages 12+ (recommended for up to 30 individuals/class pack)

PRODUCT AWARD: Cyanotype Mural Fabric

Cyanotype Mural Fabric - Creative Child Product of the Year Award Winner2016 Creative Child Product of the Year!

Jacquard Products is proud to announce that our Cyanotype Fabrics were awarded the 2016 Creative Child Product of the Year Award!

Cyanotype is a photographic printmaking process that is so simple, even a novice can get professional results. Printing with Cyanotype is a fantastic way to introduce children to the magic of science, photography and art. The panel of educators, mothers and professionals at Creative Child Magazine wholeheartedly agree!

Offered in 8.5” x 11” sheets or a 5’ x 7’ mural size, Cyanotype Fabric can be used by an individual or many kids working together.

NEW PRODUCT: Clear Extender Airbrush Medium

NEW Clear Extender Airbrush Medium

Turn any acrylic paint into an airbrush color!

Add Clear Extender Airbrush Medium to Airbrush Colors, or other acrylic paints, to increase transparency, dilute color and extend the mileage of the paint without affecting viscosity or compromising its adhesive properties.

Variety of uses:

  • Thin Jacquard and other thick acrylic paints to decrease viscosity for spraying.
  • Use as a textile medium to modify artist or craft acrylics to improve washfastness and durability when applied to fabric.
  • Use as a protective topcoat on any paintable surface.
  • Use as a base for mixing custom colors from powdered or dispersed pigments such as Pearl Ex.

4 fl oz/118 ml (Item JAB2150)


NEW COLOR PearlEx Rose Gold #694

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments, our most versatile product line, added a new color! Rose Gold is a color we developed at the request of calligraphers (many, many of them!) for our incredibly popular Metallic Calligraphy Set, which launched last year. As the demand for this super-trending color continues to climb, we decided to offer it open-stock. 

Available in four sizes


NEW COLOR Lumiere Rose Gold #533

The stunning, light-bodied metallic and pearlescent Lumiere paint line welcomed a new color, Rose Gold! It is an indispensable color, especially for calligraphers, and for any project relating to weddings.

Highly flexible and durable, Lumiere colors are popular for any pliable surface, including fabric, leather, shoes, sneakers and more.

Available in three sizes.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Airbrush Color

NEW COLOR Airbrush Fluorescent Red #408

A vibrant new color, Fluorescent Red, has joined the fluorescent line of our Airbrush Colors! It is truly fluorescent and a true red pigment.

The most popular sneaker to customize is the Nike Air Jordan, and the most popular Jordan color is the iconic Infra-red. Sneaker painters call us every day asking for this color. That is why we launched the new Fluorescent Red in our Airbrush Colors line, so this sought-after color can be applied to any custom project. This is the same wildly fluorescent, true red that we offer in our Textile Color line.

Available in 4 fl oz/118 ml

NEW PRODUCT: Refillable Markers

Refillable Markers - close upNEW Refillable Markers

Expand the possibilities for applying dyes, paints, inks and mediums with Jacquard's new Refillable Markers!

Offered in a 2-pack, the empty markers can be filled with any fluid medium for easy application. The barrel of the marker is soft and squeezable, allowing for total control of how much material leaves the pen. The smooth valve-tip glides across all surfaces with ease, allowing for quick and easy coverage

Try it with Jacquard's:

NEW PPRODUCT: Reusable Zip Ties

Reusable Zip TiesNEW Reusable Zip Ties

Tie dyers love how easily they can bind fabric tightly when they use zip ties. But zip ties are typically single-use, and no one likes throwing away that much plastic, least of all environmentally-conscious tie-dyeing folks like us. That is why Jacquard is now offering Reusable Zip Ties. Use as many as you want guilt free, because you'll never throw a zip tie away again!

These heavy duty, easily releasable cable ties can be used over and over again. Easily cut to size or daisy-chained together, they're not just for tie dyers! You might be surprised how many uses there are for zip ties.

- 50 lbs strength
- 11.75"
- smooth-molded with no sharp edges
- environmentally responsible
- economical 

Available in a 12 pack and 500 pack

NEW PRODUCT: Bottles + Plastic Tips Assortment

NEW Bottles + Plastic Tips Assortment

Introducing a new bottle and tip assortment with plastic tips! Use these tools for fine line detailing with paints, inks, glues, resists, dyes, henna, glazes and more for: fine arts, crafts, candymaking, cake decorating, model making, miniatures and ceramics.

Set of 3 - 1/2 fl oz/14 ml bottles with .5, .7, & .9 mm plastic tips

PRODUCT UPDATE: Hand Cleanser - Kresto® Kolor Ultra

Formerly "REDURAN"

We are now offering a new brand of hand cleanser!

Kresto® Kolor Ultra is a special hand cleaning paste with a reducing agent for removing dye from skin. It is all-natural and biodegradable.

8.45 fl oz/250 ml

PRODUCT UPDATE: Piñata Exciter Pack

Updated Colors - Piñata Exciter Pack

After listening to customer feedback about how artists use alcohol inks (and which colors are most popular), we decided to modify the colors in our poular Piñata Exciter Pack to match the current trends. The new assortment offers the 9 most popular Piñata colors (two more than previously!), and it also includes the best colors for mixing: true primaries, all three secondaries, black, white and metallic gold. *PLEASE NOTE: the item number and UPC for this SKU will remain the same.

Updated colors shown in BOLD:

  002 Sunbright Yellow   005 Calabaza Orange   011 Senorita Magenta
  013 Passion Purple   019 Baja Blue   023 Rainforest Green
  030 Blanco Blanco   031 Mantilla Black 032 Rich Gold

PRODUCT UPDATE: deColourant and NEW PRODUCT: deColourant Mist

NEW Name - deColourant (formerly “Discharge Paste”)
Our customers didn't like the name...so we changed it!

At Jacquard, we take your feedback seriously. Many of our customers have commented that, while they love the product, the name "Discharge Paste" is unpleasant. So, we acquired the name deColourant, which is more descriptive: deColourant removes color! We think the new name has a nice ring to it. 

deColourant is a ready-to-use printing paste for removing areas of color from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Unlike bleach, deColourant removes color without jeopardizing the integrity of the fiber.

Now available - deColourant Mist

We also offer this product in a sprayable formula called, deColourant Mist! Create designs by misting through a stencil or around a found object.  

PPRODUCT UPDATE: Removable Water-based Resist

NEW FORMULA Removable Water-based Resist (formerly "Colorless Water-based Resist)

Removable Water-based Resist is a superior resist that easily washes out with warm water (even after steaming or setting), revealing the white or colored silk beneath. This new formula holds a crisp line without spreading and does not shrink or pucker when dry.

Removable Resist may be tinted with any water-based dye for colored lines and is screenable, odorless, alcohol-free and non-toxic.

New Formula Improvements:
- Doesn’t spread
- Resists better
- Easily tinted  
- Smooth consistency

Available in three sizes.


NEW FORMULA Versatex Fixer

Now Versatex Fixer is greatly improved and fixes better than ever!* This additive for Versatex Screen Printing Inks increases washfastness and eliminates the need for heat setting.

Available in four sizes.

*Please note: the improved formula is incompatible with the old fixer. Do NOT use in combination with the old fixer unless the ink will be used immediately!

NEW PPRODUCT: Softening Additive for Jacquard Screen Ink

NEW - Softening Additive for Jacquard Screen Ink

Jacquard Softening Additive is used to soften the hand of Jacquard Professional Screen Inks on fabric.

Jacquard Professional Screen Inks are water-based, multi-surface inks with excellent adhesion on all sorts of textiles, including synthetic and waterproofed fabrics. Often, when printing on lightweight fabrics and apparel, a softer print may be desirable. Jacquard Softening Additive makes this possible.

Available in two sizes: 8 fl oz/0.24 L and 1 qt/0.95 L

PRODUCT UPDATES: Procion MX Neutral Grey and Color Magnet in Bulk

NEW COLOR - Procion MX Neutral Grey
We are excited to introduce a NEW Neutral Grey color to our ever popular line of Procion MX dyes! Neutral Grey (#211) is a homogeneous color (not a blend of multiple colors) that is actually grey and actually neutral: it will never become black if you use too much and, being a pure color, will reduce color shifting to an absolute minimum.

The new, Neutral Grey replaces the existing Pearl Grey color in the Procion MX line.

Color Magnet - available in Gallons
We are also thrilled to meet the demand and now offer Color Magnet in a gallon size. Color Magnet Dye Attractant is one of our most innovative products! It can be used in tandem with most types of Jacquard dye for creating contrasting monochromatic prints on fabric without changing the feel of the textile.


NEW FORMULA Textile Color Fluorescent Red #154
We are pleased to announce that Textile Color Fluorescent Red #154 has been reformulated using a newly available fluorescent red pigment. Whereas the original color was very similar to Fluorescent Pink #153, the new pigment is significantly redder while still being wildly intense and fluorescent.

Available in four sizes.

Jacquard is also pleased to announce that, moving forward, all bulk size paints will be packaged in new, crystal clear PET plastic jugs. These new bottles do not collapse like the old HDPE bottles did, and they make the paints look fantastic on the shelf!


Henna now available in BULK!

Henna is a natural colorant made from the dried leaves of the Lawsonia inermis shrub. Henna has been used for thousands of years for body art, especially in India, where it is known as Mehndi.

Jacquard’s Mehndi Henna Kit makes a great introduction to this natural tattooing technique, but for seasoned henna artists, large henna parties or events, Jacquard is proud to now offer henna in bulk! It produces a beautiful reddish-orange brown color that for millennia has been associated with good luck, good health, fertility, sensuality, positive energy and wisdom.

Available in two sizes: 8 oz/.23 kg and 1 lb/.45 kg


Jacquard now offers an entire line of Cyanotype products!

Cyanotype is the original sun-printing process. It’s been around since the earliest days of photography. It’s easy, it’s magical, and the results are almost always stunning. Jacquard offers pretreated cyanotype fabrics, a  DIY chemistry set, a class pack—a total of five different ways to experience Cyanotype. Great for photographers, mixed media Cyanotype printartists, printmakers, quilters, kids and more! We have also created a support website that makes it easy to creative photographic Cyanotype prints. Prints can be made on any natural fiber: paper, cotton, silk, wool, wood, etc.   

Experience this antique photographic process with Jacquard’s:

NEW PRODUCT: Metallic Calligraphy Set

Create your own Metallic Calligraphy Ink!

Mixing your own metallic/pearlescent calligraphy ink is easier than ever with Jacquard’s new Metallic Calligraphy Set. Just add water to any of the luscious Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments in the set along with the included Gum Arabic binder. The thinner the ink, the more it will lie flat on the paper while thicker consistencies will stand and have a raised texture. Either way, the ink will shimmer and shine!

Instructions are included in the set as well as a short list of nibs that work well with Pearl Ex.

Pearl Ex - Rose Gold

Introducing Pearl Ex Rose Gold !


NEW PRODUCTS: Marbling Colors & Synthetic Gall

The new Marbling Colors from Jacquard Products are the easiset to use, most vibrant, exciting and professional-quality marbling system in the world! Nine gorgeous Marbling Colors have been reformulated for beautiful and easy marbling on paper, fabric and more.

With the addition of Synthetic Gall, marblers now have total control of their colors.


  • All colors spread equally on the marbling surface.
  • Good adhesion on any porous or semi-porous substrate.
  • Permanent and washfast on fabric after heat-setting.
  • Jacquard's Synthetic Gall gives marblers total control of each color and allows them to adjust how much each color spreads on the marbling surface.
  • Formulated for ease-of-use and professional results.
  • The most vibrant marbling colors available

PPRODUCT UPDATES: Marbling Kit & Class Pack

The inclusion of the new Marbling Colors and Synthetic Gall in our Marbling Kit and Marbling Class Pack makes for significant improvements for both. We are proud to announce this new and improved marbling system!

  • Replaced Methocel with Carrageenan, which produces finer marbling lines and allows the paints to perform better.
  • Balanced all colors to produce even spreading and maximum depth of color
  • Replaced Green (easy to mix with provided colors) with a vivid Violet 
    (difficult to mix with provided colors)
  • Included Synthetic Gall for greater control and special effects
  • Improved floating of every color
  • More thorough instructions
  • No need for ammonia

NEW PRODUCT: Jeanie Denim Dye

So easy, it’s like magic:
Jeanie is a no-mess magic coloring powder that breathes new life into old denim. It's available in 11 colors! The dye comes in a dissolvable packet, making the dyeing process easier than ever before: simply drop the packet in your washer add your fabric, and run the hottest cycle. Your blue jeans will never be blue again!

Every dyed jean color/shade is unique!! Jeanie Dye - Before and After



Jacquard Transfer Paper is an iron-on transfer method for light colored fabrics. Images and designs can be printed on with an inkjet copier or printer or directly drawn on with crayon, markers or inks.

Newly Improved in the following ways:
- More permanent
- Holds up to washing and drying better
- Better adhesion and reduced peeling
- Transfers are softer and more flexible than before
- New matte finish looks more natural on fabric

NEW PRODUCT: SolarFast Starter Kit

Create photographs, photograms and shadow prints on paper or fabric in a matter of minutes with the new SolarFast Starter Kit! Simply apply SolarFast to fabric or paper, place objects, drawings or photos on top, expose to sunlight, and watch the color magically appear! On fabric, prints are completely soft to the touch, permanent, washable and always safe for children. You supply the fabric or artist paper, and the kit comes with everything else you need to get started.

NEW WEBSITE: SolarFast Negative Generator

Use this photo-editing app to easily transform any image into a negative with the click of the button.

NEW PRODUCT: SolarFast Film Marker

Draw directly onto SolarFast Film or other film media with this opaque marker to create film negatives for
SolarFast prints or film positives for burning silk screens.

NEW PRODUCT: SolarFast Class Pack

You provide the garments and the kit includes everything else you need for a SolarFast group project (up to 30 participants).

NEW PRODUCT: Acid Dye Starter Set

Get ready to experience the most brilliant colors possible! All the dye and chemicals you need are in Jacquard's Acid Dye Starter Set. This set includes four colors of Jacquard's Acid Dye, that can be mixed to produce practically any color in the spectrum, and Citric Acid to help fix the dyes and exhaust the dye bath. Bring the fabric and let the color magic begin!

NEW PRODUCT: SolarFast dye

SolarFast is an exciting new line of light-developed dyes for paper and fabric! It is used to create photograms, continuous tone photographs, shadow prints, and ombrès on fabric and paper.

Place objects on coated substrate to block development during exposure. Any object that casts a shadow will create an image. Use a film negative to create permanent photographs on paper or fabric. SolorFast is permanent, washable, and leaves fabric completely soft. Best of all, there is no heat setting, steaming or chemical fixing required!

NEW PRODUCT: Cochineal dye

We are proud to offer Cochineal dye! It  has excellent light and washfastness properties and produces a powerful range of reds, fuchsias, scarlets and purples. It is permanent on all natural fibers. This natural dye is imported directly from a small, family owned and operated, organic farm co-op in Lima, Peru.

NEW PRODUCT: Color Magnet Dye Kits™

Our new Color Magnet Dye Kits™ allow you to easily customize garments using the Color Magnet™ Pen and stencils (included). Wash the garment with the washer-safe dye packet in your washing machine, and a darker shade of the dye color will magically appear wherever Color Magnet™ was applied! Available in three, two-color combinations: pink and yellow, green and purple & red and turquoise.

NEW PRODUCT: Jacquard Puff Additive

Take Jacquard Screen Inks to new heights! Use NEW Jacquard Puff Additive to add dimension to screen ink images on paper, fabric and other surfaces.The microspheres in the Puff Additive expand with heat, giving you a raised print.

Use with Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks. Available in five sizes.

NEW PRODUCT: iDye Fixative sleeve

Our new iDye Fixative (Item JID1301), available in a 14 g iDye sleeve, helps retain color intensity over time and reduces the risk of backstaining when laundered. Use it for items that will be frequently washed or have particularly intense colors.

IDye Fixative is also availabe in a 3 fl oz/88 ml jar (Item JID1300).

PPRODUCT UPDATE: SolarFast: Bigger than ever! Bulk Sizes Now Available

For committed artists, production studios, teachers, professionals, enthusiasts or anyone printing in high volume, Jacquard is now offering SolarFast dyes, Wash, Thickener and Film in bulk sizes. Once an artist tries a product and decides to continue using it in their work, they will want to find a source for higher volume. We are proud to provide more options and better economy to our customers with these bulk sizes.

PPRODUCT UPDATE: 8 NEW Chromatic Pearl Ex Colors!

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments, our most versatile product line, added 8 new colors - The Chromatics. These colors are bright, luscious and intense, with highly saturated, pure chromas, beautifully complimented by the reflective qualities of mica. The Pearl Ex range now extends from the most metallic pigments on the market to the brightest, most vibrant pearlescents possible. Available in 48 stunning, metallic/pearlescent colors and four sizes.

PPRODUCT UPDATE: Re-formulated Airbrush!

Completley reformulated for superior performance, our top-quality Airbrush Color line also has a new look. The paints spray beautifully, with absolutely minimal tip drying, even at low psi. The 48 colors are incredibly intense and luscious! Color data (Color Index Numbers and Lightfastness Ratings) are now prominently displayed on the labels. The paint is available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz bottles.

PPRODUCT UPDATE: iDye Poly - 8 New Colors!

We have added 8 new colors to our iDye Poly line! Now there are a total of 16 iDye Poly colors available for dyeing polyesters, nylons and even some plastics. The dye comes in a convenient, dissolvable packet for use in a washing machine, so there are never any messy powders to handle. The colors include: Golden Yellow, Pink, Crimson, Lilac, Turquoise, Kelly Green, Gun Metal and Silver Grey.

PPRODUCT UPDATE: 8 New Textile Colors - The Earth Colors

Eight new colors have been added to Jacquard’s Textile Colors paint line: The Earth Colors, formulated using traditional, inorganic pigments! Labels now include pigment names and lightfastenss ratings. Textile Colors are washable and leave fabric as soft as possible. The colors are intense and semi-opaque.

Avaialbe in 4 sizes and an 8-color set.

PPRODUCT UPDATE: Lumiere 3D Now Available in CLEAR

Lumiere 3D #200 Clear may be used as a glue on practically any surface! It is great for attaching beads, jewels, patches or decals to fabric or paper. It also works great on wood, leather, canvas, glass, vinyl, most plastics and even metal. Lumiere 3D Clear is also a fantastic adhesive for fabric - washable and dry cleanable after thorough drying.

Available in open stock (Item JDP1200) or in a carded blister with 3 plastic tips (JDP0200).

PPRODUCT UPDATE: Rich Gold & Silver Metallic Piñata Colors

2 New Colors: Jacquard's New Silver and Rich Gold Piñata Colors are formulated with real metal pigments and are super opaque!

-Piñata Alcohol colors are perfect for scrapbookers ,paper artists, oil painters, acrylic painters, window painters, sculptors and crafters of all kinds.

-They can be applied to almost anything: paper, plastic, wood, glass, canvas, metal, foil, ceramic, fabric, rubber, vinyl...you name it!

PPRODUCT UPDATE: Pearl Ex Duo Colors

Jacquard Products is excited to announce two new duo colors in our popular Pearl Ex Powered Pigments line. Pearl Ex duo colors display amazing two-tone qualities, depending on the angle of the light and the color of the background.

It has a use for every artist, from watercolorist to auto painter, faux finisher to rubber stamper.