Permanent Water-based Resist

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Permanent Water-based Resist

Resist is used to draw the outline of an image on silk. These metallic resists hold fine, crisp lines that do not spread. The consistency is perfect for production screen printing, brushing or squeeze-bottle application.

Permanent Water-based Resists are non-toxic and odorless and completely washfast after heat setting.


 2.25 fl oz/66.54 ml  (Item JAC1)
 8 fl oz/0.24 L  (Item JAC2)



  881 Black JAC883 Silver Resist swatch 883 Silver JAC885 Antique Gold swatch 885 Antique Gold JAC887 Bronze swatch 887 Bronze
JAC882 Gold Resist swatch 882 Gold JAC884 Copper Resist swatch 884 Copper JAC886 Red Gold swatch 886 Red Gold JAC888 Russet swatch 888 Russet