Lumiere 3D Display

Lumiere 3D 3-Tier Display Rack

Durable steel rack with UPC codes.

(Item JDP100R)
Dimensions: 11.5" x 8" x 23.5"/29.21 x 20.32 x 59.69 cm
(Height includes 7.5"/19.05 cm header)

HALF Stock Filler
The entire Lumiere 3D color range for half the initial investment.
Rack not included-please order separately.

(Item JDP100M)

• 72 - 1 fl oz/29.57 ml bottles: 3 each of 24 colors*

FULL Display Filler
A complete assortment of paint to fill your Lumiere 3D display rack. 
Rack not included-please order separately. 

(Item JDP100D)

• 144 - 1 fl oz/29.57 ml bottles: 6 each of 24 colors*

*200 Clear not included in rack.