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jagua powder

 1 oz/28.35 g

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jagua 8 oz

8 oz/0.23 kg

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jagua 1 lb
1 lb/ 0.45kg

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Jagua - pre-mixed

A great companion to henna for mehndi designs, jagua is also perfect for test driving tattoo ideas, fooling friends, embellishing existing tattoos and more. Safe, non-toxic & 100% natural, Jacquard is proud to offer the only powdered, shelf-stable form of jagua ever available.

Simply add water and essential oil to create a ready-to-use jagua gel (see instructions below).

Ingredients: dehydrated jagua juice (Genipa americana), cane sugar, xanthan gum, citric acid 

Protein fibers: skin, fingernails, hair.


 1 oz/28.35 g  (Item JAG0001)
 8 oz/0.23 kg  (Item JAG0008)
 1 lb/0.45 kg  (Item JAG0016)

1 oz/28.35 g makes approximately 8 fl oz/0.24 L of ready-to-use Jagua ink
8 oz/0.23 kg makes approximately 0.5 gal/1.89 L of ready-to-use Jagua ink
1 lb/0.45 kg makes approximately 1 gal/1.89 L of ready-to-use Jagua ink

Also Available Jagua - pure and Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit

Recommended ratios by volume: 

1.5 parts Jagua powder • 3 parts water • 0.3 parts Eucalyptus Oil

Instructions to make approximately 2.75 fl oz/81.33 ml Jagua gel:

1. Thoroughly mix 3 tablespoons/44 ml water with 1.5 tablespoon/7.25 g jagua powder. Once the paste is consistent and smooth, wait 5-15 minutes before proceeding.

2. Mix in 1 teaspoon/5 ml eucalyptus oil (or other essential oil) to create the gel. Wait at least 10 minutes before using.

3. Apply generously to the skin with a fine line applicator, cone, brush or stencil. Allow jagua to dry completely (approximately 30 minutes) before removing.

4. Peel dried jagua from skin and wash with soap and cold water. The longer you leave it on, the darker the design will be become.

Don’t be alarmed if you can’t see the tattoo at this stage: the design will darken to its final bluish-black color over the course of 24-48 hours. Designs last 1-2 weeks.

If you are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, do a small test design and wait a day before proceeding with something more elaborate.
NOTE: The mixed jagua gel will keep for at least one month before losing potency. Refrigerate or freeze to extend its shelf life.