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This natural vat dye exists in plants all over the world and is virtually the only blue dye that occurs in nature. Indigo has a fascinating history, and it is equally fascinating to use: The blue color “magically” appears as dipped fabric is exposed to oxygen in the air! This unique property sets indigo apart from every other dye and makes it especially well-suited for patterning fabric. The dye produces a wide range of blues, from a pale sky blue to the darkest navy. Prized by countless cultures for millennia, indigo is still used today for coloring blue jeans. Jacquard’s indigo is a synthetic organic and comes pre-reduced 60% for unprecedented ease of use.  

- Click here for a short video showing how to tie dye with indigo!

all natural fibers including: cotton, linen, silk, canvas, hemp, wool, wood and more

Jacquard Indigo in 3 sizes



 0.75 oz/21.26 g  (Item JAC1698)*
 8 oz/0.23 kg  (Item JAC2698)*
 1 lb/0.45 kg  (Item JAC3698)*

*Sizes available in the Jacquard Bulk & Specialty Store

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