Gratitude Flag Song Bird

By Vicki O'Dell


1) Paint the background on the "5x7" Stabilized Fabric with Turquoise Textile Color. Use the color in full strength around the edges and then blend in toward the middle with water.

2)  The paper backing will curl and buckle quite a bit, but don’t let it worry you. It really won’t affect the outcome.

3)  Let dry thoroughly and then iron flat.

4)  Use a disappearing ink marking pen to draw the bird and branch. Paint in the tail feathers “free hand” so that they have more of a loose flow.

5)  Paint in the bird with Violet Textile Color using the same technique as for the background. Use full strength color at the edges and then blend with water toward the center. Use full strength color again on the tail.

6)  Let dry.  Paint the branch the same way.

7)  Outline the branch and bird with the black Tee Juice marker.  Add details to the bird. using marker

8)  Paint in the feet and beak with Poppy Lumiere 3D.

9)  Let dry.

10)  Using Pink Lumiere 3D paint, add dots to the bird. While the paint is wet add pink, round sequins to the wings. The 3D paint will act as a strong adhesive, holding the sequins in place.

11)  Add the leaf sequins the same way with Lime Lumiere 3D.

12)  Add the small flowers with Sun Yellow and Coral Red Lumiere 3D.

13.  Let dry thoroughly.

14.  Stitch the 5" x 7" image to a background fabric and then add trim embellishments.

NOTE:  If you went to the edge with the Lumiere 3D paint, you may want to stitch your image to the background fabric by hand.  The sewing machine foot and needles don’t like stitching over the 3D paint. Alternately, after painting the background and letting it dry, you might want to use masking tape to tape off a one inch "frame" around the image so you have a clear space for stitching.

To hang, fold the top over and use small clothes pins to attach to a line. The clothes pins allow flexibility to trade out various flags without having to unstring a whole line of flags.

Finished project

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Gratitude Flag Song Bird


Vicki O'Dell is The Creative Goddess. She is self-taught and is a wildly imaginative creative force. She was born in Ohio, but she has traveled and lived in many locations, in and outside of the US.Vicki has the warmth and friendliness of her Midwestern roots, but the heart and soul of a world traveler.

She has been lucky enough to work in floral design, set design for television and interior design. Currently she works for some of the largest craft industry manufacturers, while continuing to create in her little studio on the hill accompanied by her Miniature Schnauzer, Holle.
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