How much soda ash?
  • Has anyone noticed that on the bottle of dye it says 1/3 cup of soda ash per gallon for tie dye, but on the bag of soda ash it says 1 cup per gallon of water for tie dye? Which is it? Am I missing something?
  • Hello,

    We might need to make the instructions more clear. It is 1 cup per gallon for tie dye, and 1/4-1/3 of a cup per gallon in an immersion bath(not tie dye just dyeing everything one color). I have honestly used 1/3 cup per gallon for tie dyeing it and it is no problem at all. You might get a tiny bump in color with the 1 whole cup.

    Soda ash is a pH modifier to make the water basic(opposite of acidic) so the dye can attach to the fabric properly. Soda ash is really necessary to get bright colors, but as long as you have some in there, it should work pretty well.
  • Thanks for this! I did go for 1 cup and the colors came out vibrant