Question regarding metallic paints
  • Hi-! Here is my idea. What do you recommend?

    I will be dyeing a white pair of jeans with fiber reactive dyes- lets say a bright red color. So far i know what im doing. After this step, i want my bright red dye to shine a little all over. I was thinking of printing a metallic effect over the jeans and i want the jeans to look sparkly red. What should i be using? I know how to dye but dont know what paints/micas etc to use. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • You want it evenly over the entire pair? I would do 1 of 2 things. I would get some #100 textile extender which is a clear paint with no color that is very soft, so it won't affect the texture of the jeans. I would water it down very slightly like maybe 10%-20% with water. Add pearl ex to it. For red you prob want brilliant gold #656, Aztec gold #658 which is a litter deeper redder gold, or if you want something as sparkly as you can get it you can use sparkle gold #657. Now 10% will give you a totally opaque color. You don't want that, you want more transparency and individual sparkles letting the red show through. I think 1 or 2% will do it. So that is not much at all. You need 1/5 to 1/10 of a teaspoon of powder for a 2.25 oz jar of the extender. You can add a little more if you need more coverage.

    Mix it in with the #100 textile extender you diluted slightly and paint it on evenly with a sponge brush. You want to use long even strokes and not go over the same area more than you need to to get the pigment evenly placed. It should look great. Gold and reds are dynamite together.
  • Hi- Thanks a ton! Based on my understanding of your suggestion, i mix in pearl ex pigments with the textile extender.

    Just so i understand the products better i have a couple questions:
    1. I loved the Brass lumiere paint. If thats the kind of sparkle i want can i just mix in sparkle gold with the clearless extender? Im guessing that all your lumiere paints are formulated with the pearl ex pigments ie. metallic pearl ex pigments and non-metallic pearl ex colors combined to create lumiere paints?

    2. I see 3 types of extenders- neopaque, textile colorless and versatex. Can you give me an idea of how these are so different to one another?

    Thanks a ton!
  • 1. Yes you can absolutely use the Brass Lumiere. You can just mix the clear extender with it. We def use the same pigments in pearl ex as we do in Lumiere. We do not offer this particular one as a raw powder as it is quite expensive on its own.

    2. These extenders are slightly different. #100 and Versatex are largely the same except for thickness. Versatex is much thicker for screen printing, but it doesn't have any more binder, so for this application, it wouldn't really make sense. If you wanted to screen print the Lumiere it might.

    The Neopaque extender is the same as the Lumiere with no pigment in it. It is more durable and stickier than the #100, but it has more "hand" or texture than the #100. In this application you aren't wanting more sticking power because there will actually be less overall pigment than a totally opaque Lumiere color, so I think you would rather go for a soft feel(especially since it will cover the whole of the garment). Neopaque extender would absolutely work though. I would be more apt to recommend it if you were going to paint something that wasn't going to hold the paint as well like a leather purse.