INDIGO TIE DYE : preparation and duration
  • Hello, I'm French, I ask you to excuse my English translation. :-)

    I bought 1 kit "Indigo Tie Dye Kit"
    I prepared in a container all the kit.
    We had good results, but 3 days later, the kit was no longer good.
    All the liquid was blue. There was no more green.

    I bought another kit on the internet, and I shared the whole kit in 4 parts.
    The kit did not last 24 hours ...
    I live in the FWI, in Martinique, is it too hot for the product?
    What should I do ?
    How long should a kit last?

    Thank you for your reply,
  • One issue is the kit will lose potency if broken up into 4 parts. More of the dye gets oxidized and it will not last as long. 1/2 kit does not last 1/2 as long, it is even shorter.

    You can usually get the kit to last 1 week if you cover it and keep oxygen out of the water. The oxygen turns the indigo blue, so keeping oxygen away from the bath is important.

    The bath can be regenerated with Sodium Hydrosulfite(hydro) or thiurea diozide (thiox). This is most commonly called "color remover" and can be found in many supermarkets/chemist in the United States at least. Rit or another dye company's color remover is usually Sodium Hydrosulfite. Ours is and can be used to regenerate the Indigo bath.

    Color remover and Sodium Hydrosulfite are the same thing.
  • I thank you for your quick response. :-)
    so it is possible to add the hydrosulfite, and it reactivates the color? can you tell me how much powder to add for a kit? it's very complicated here, on my island to find products!
    thank you for your reply,
  • If you plan to do a lot of Indigo dyeing, it is nice to have a 1lb size of the Sodium hydrosulfite or color remover around. It will reactivate the dye and make it green again. We use 50 grams in the kit. That is bout 4 tablespoons. That should be enough if your bath is completely blue.
  • merci beaucoup pour vos reponses. bonne journée !!