Colour mixing to create this pinky-lavender hue?
  • I'm new to dying and want to create a colour along the lines of #EC4BFD / #E46EF7 / #CC35F7 / #CB2AFF.
    Can anyone recommend what colours of the iDye Poly to mix and how much of each roughly?
    I am dying a polyester / polyamide mix white bikini.
    Any guidance would be appreciated!
  • Do you know how much the fabric weighs? I think you want to use 3% dye or so. I think the lilac is very close already, but if I had to guess, I would say 1/5 pink 4/5 lilac. The shade you want is rather light, so I would use 1/2 a packet total of color or maybe even less.

    A good trick is to get your bath going and boiling, but don't put your bikini in yet. Get an old sock(almost always have some polyester in there) and dye it for 10 min. You can then get a good idea about what the color will be before you put in the bikini, which you don't want to mess up. Add more dye if you need to and repeat until you get the color you want.
  • Thank you, I was thinking of testing out some scraps of polyester before hand.
    But I'm not fretting too much as if all goes wrong then I'll just dye it black!
    I was thinking of mixing the pink, lilac and turquoise to give it more of a 'kick'?
    It doesn't have to be an exact colour just something along that bright pink lilac hue :)
    Would adding 1 part turquoise work well do you think?
  • You won't need much turquoise at all. It will make it a brighter purple. I might only use 1/2 a part turquoise