• I dye poly velvet with your idye poly. We have corresponded before and you have said that softer poly fabrics do not need the intensifier as much as stiffer ones to open the fabric to accept the dye. Is this accurate?
    So I haven't been using the intensifier because of the strong smell, hard to impossible to remove the smell from the dyed fabric. Have tried masking with lavender mist, lemon soap rinse, etc. but no luck.
    Do you have any tips on counteracting the smell? Thanks
  • It really depends on the fabric, some hold the smell and others do not at all. The worst seems to be very soft synthetic fabrics like PET. I have heard of instances where it was impossible to remove the smell. It is rare, but I have heard of it.

    Washing in oxyclean can help, but that can also fade the color slightly. It is also a good idea to reduce the amount of dye intensifier you use. Try using just a few drops. I find the poly dye so intense, I don't use it unless it is a very stiff polyester.
  • Thanks.....think I will stick with NOT using it for my poly velvet and taffeta.