• Hello,

    I’m looking for a dye that will create a neon colour/ glow in the dark (and day light) for yarns - either cotton or wool fibre. Needs to be glow in the dark not just very bright.

    Is this something jacquard do?

    Thanks for the help in advance xx
  • There is no glow in the dark dye, but there is fluorescent dye. Glow in the dark is a pigment and therefore must be painted on. You can get glow in the dark polyester threads. I dunno if they make it for yarn.

    As far as Neon goes though there is fluorescent dye. #620 Hot Fuchsia Acid dye is fluorescent and will look super bright in the sun and glow under black light.

    #828 Chartreuse is also fluorescent.

    We have a fluoro yellow as well in Idye. It is not an acid dye, but it will work on wool. It is #405 Fluorescent Yellow.

    You can sort of mix other fluoro colors from these, but Orange can be difficult as the red soaks up all the fluorescent color from the yellow.
  • Fantastic thank you so much for your help!

    I will certainly look into the idye not something I’ve used before but will be fun to try! I appreciate the heads up on the orange.

    I have both hot fuscia and chartreuse so will have a play around with those to see what happens.

    Thank you again for your help :)