Purple Curtains (goal: Maroon/Burgundy)
  • This seems like a really easy dye job, but I've never done this before. I bought some curtains on ebay because I wanted to match some that I already have. The style with the decorative grommet at the top that I want seems to have been discontinued, but I miraculously found some after searching for days, but in purple. I got them thinking it would be so easy just to get them a little redder. I'm thinking that I would use red dye or the maroon/red I wish I could post a picture.
  • Crimson is a deep red. The lavender should push it into that maroon burgundy space. Hot hot water. Should be steaming if you can. Make sure to stir every few min. On the stove use a large pot, if you do it in the washing machine you should use 2 packets. Use the suggested salt, but you don't have to use non-iodized. Regular salt is fine. You can also use a big steamy 5 gallon bucket of water. Just be sure to stir.