Advice needed on fixing color
  • I have a 100% cotton denim style jacket that was overdyed by the manufacturer a very dark navy, almost black. It faded over the years so I recently dyed it using Raven Black Procion Dye. The jacket came out good except that in bright light there is a faint reddish-purple hue to it. I would much prefer the jacket stay in the cooler black-gray-blue zone. What's my best option to remove or hide the red/purple color as much as possible? Thanks.
  • Really you want to dull that red bias down. The best way to do that is to dye it very lightly green. Green dulls red out and neutralizes it. Usually toning is done with 2-10% the amount you would dye the entire thing.

    You want like 1/4-1/2% of dye per fabric weight. 1tsp of bright green procion dye or even half a teaspoon might do it. You can start on the low side, dye the jacket, rinse and let it dry(Hard to tell the color when wet) and then if you need more add a little more dye and repeat.

    The more purple(extra blue) the red look the more yellow should be in the green. Bright green is right in the middle, if this is really purple you might want to use avocado instead or Forest green as that would help the black get darker too
  • Thanks for the advice. I'll try it.