Tee-shirts... sheer, but dyeable ?
  • Hi, if you're as old as I am, ( unlikely ), when you were growing up the word "T-Shirt" basically meant a "Hanes Beefy T", a thick cotton t which was enough to keep you warm even on a cool day.

    Nowadays, we have the choice of a t which is sheer, probably a cotton blend, very thin, excellent drape, and almost like wearing nothing.

    I want a shirt like that, except that it has to be 100 % cotton so I can dye it.

    Recommendations on where to get these, if they exist, plz, thx,
  • I'm not sure where the best place to get these is. I will say, you can dye synthetics with Idye poly. I have had good success doing it. It is a bit harder as you have to boil the shirt though.

    Dharmatrading.com is a good resource for blanks
  • ok, thx, I've already invested heavily in Procyon dyes, so I don't see myself going synth anytime soon... I'll look around at Dharma...