Neopaque + Airbrush paints.
  • Hello again,

    Was wondering if there would be any answers to some questions that I am having regarding your products

    1. What could I add in both Neopaque and Airbrush colour, in order to get to a more matte finish? ( almost like brand new, out from the factory ) before I apply the varnish, ( would the Angelus Duller work, even if it is from another brand? )

    2. Is there something that I can add to the Clear Airbrush Varnish that would make it less shiny. I would like it to provide a full matte finish? ( would the Angelus Duller work, even if it is from another brand? )

    3. Besides water, which increases the transparency of the the paints, what else could I use to thin them ( Neopaque / Lumiere paints).
  • No luck?:(
  • Hi,

    1. Yes, you can use the Angelus Duller on our paints. These are usually totally compatible across types of acrylic paint. I have tested it and it works.

    2. Varnish can be dulled as well. Usually you don't use the same duller for paint, but that might work. Test a smaller amount in the varnish and see if it works. The thing to look for is cloudiness. The duller might make your varnish cloudy. If that happens you will need something else. Silica powder is the best way to matte out something that is clear. I don't know if that is available near you.

    3. If you don't want to compromise stick or color when diluting/thinning the best thing to add is a medium/extender. That way you can thin and keep the integrity of the color. We have the JAB2150 which is the extender for airbrush. It works great in the Lumiere/neopaque and is perfect for leather/fabric/plastic and many surfaces. #579 clear extender from neopaque also works. You could also use 2-thin.