• Hello everybody,

    I was wondering if somebody would have a chart of measures that I can use in order to achieve different colors by mixing the regular Neopaque paints. ( example, how to reach to Chili Red, Fire Red, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, so on and so forth ) I was thinking that maybe people from Jacquard might have something :D

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day
  • Fire Red and Navy are 2 of our new colors in the Neopaque line

    454 and 455


    I would use the Navy to make midnight blue. 5% magenta 95% navy.

    You can get a deeper chili red from the fire red by adding 10% green. It deepens the color to a more blood/chili color.

    We don't have a color mixing chart, but it is a good idea.
  • Yes, I'm aware of your new sneakers edition, which is great btw, however in my country they are all sold out everywhere, and those that do sell on amazon or Ebay ( sites as such, require a payment of $20 per 2.25 OZ jar, and that I cannot afford. And ordering them from US, would be the same thing giving that I'd have to pay greater shipping taxes for over Atlantic, and extra 25% out of the total, for taxes when crossing the border in my Country.

    However I didn't lose hope yet, I'm still looking for different sites in EU that might have them. Maybe one day they will get back in stock at my local retailers.

    Anyhow, do you think that if I list some colors that I might want to get to, could you give me some approx. measures?
    Maybe we can work together on some extraordinary colors. :)

    That would be incredibly helpful for me.
  • No luck?:(
  • Hi,

    Sorry I been behind on answering the forum. What country are you in? We have multiple dealers. Are you in Europe?

    This is great place in Germany to get your paints. They have everything and reasonable prices