iDye and pastel shades
  • I have some white cotton voile that I want to dye to a pastel peach color in my washing machine-- I've noticed that the iDye packets tend to be pretty vibrant, and I'm really looking for a more delicate shade. So, a few questions:

    The instructions say that for lighter shades, you can use cooler water-- just how cool can I go before the dye won't "take" on my fabric?

    Is salt necessary to get the dye to stick to the fabric, or will it just deepen the color? Would it make sense to omit the salt here?

    Likewise, is length of dyeing time necessary to get the dye to "take," or is it just for deepening color? Should I just dip my fabric in briefly to keep it pale, or will that affect the setting of the dye?
  • 15 min is enough time for the dye, any longer and it is just getting darker.

    It is true salt is going to get you better color, so yes ditching it will make the color lighter.

    The best way though is too just use less dye. Now how do you use less when it is in that packet. Luckily, you can keep Idye in water as long as you want and it will not really change. So, just dissolve the packet in say a quart of hot water, and you can take small amounts of that when you want your pastel colors.

    Usually about 1/10 of the total dye will give you a pretty nice pastel. 1/4 is a pale version of the same color usually about half as bright. 1/2 is usually just a shade or two lighter.

  • I can't believe it never occurred to me to measure out the dye by dissolving it in water and then measuring the water-- I'd intended to weigh it in grams on my kitchen scale and scoop out small portions of it. Thank you!