I need my purple fabric to dye grey. Help!
  • I had pink fabric. Used rit grey, turned light purple. Used iDye poly grey and turned darker purple. I need grey. Please help me.
  • You need yellow. Yellow + purple = grey.

    Grey + pink = purple.

    I would start by "toning" this with about 10% yellow. Get sun yellow or bright yellow Idye and you can either cut the packet, or dissolve the whole thing in some hot water. Use 1/10 of the amount in the container and add to your dye bath. Add the dye then the fabric, and some salt after 10 min will help.

    You can add more yellow if the purple isn't going away. Add in small amounts you don't want to overshoot it.

    The Purple should deepen and deepen until it is no longer purple at all and is grey.
  • This is cotton or something else natural? If it is polyester, you can use Idye poly the same way.