Discharging Cashmere
  • Hi All,

    I have a black cashmere coat that I never wear anymore. I'd like to discharge a little of the colour, just enough to re-dye it a dark blue. Does anyone have any experience doing something similar, or have any recommendations for products/procedures to take out the black colour?

  • This is possible. Your main concern is with temp. You should only do slow temp transitions with cashmere. So you wet the coat, put it in the color remover on the stove and bring the heat up slowly. When the color is sufficiently removed, transfer to a bucket or another container of hot water form the tap, not cold, and let that return to room temp and then rinse.

    Repeat the procedure the same way when dyeing with acid dye. I suggest acid dye over Idye for wool very strongly. Wool doesn't work as well as silk with Idye. Navy would be a great deep blue for the coat I think. You could also use Royal or Sapphire blue which are both dark, but not as deep as Navy.
  • Thanks for your reply, that is very helpful. Would you be able to recommend an appropriate colour remover, all of Jacquard's seem to suggest a very high temperature.
  • Any color remover, except bleach are going to need high temp. Bleach actually eats the fabric though. It is a misconception that high temp ruins cashmere. It is quick transitions between temps that does that. Low temp color removers are actually worse for the fiber because they are more damaging.
  • Okay, thanks!