Wrong dye products purchased, what do I do?
  • A helpful friend bought me Jacquard dyes and didn't keep the receipt plus the shop was closing down anyway. I wanted orange dye to use on a synthetic fabric backpack, and black dyes to use on cotton clothing. However I have orange dye for cotton/linen; and black dye for 100% polyester. So my questions are: can I assume that the orange dye for cotton can be safely used on synthetic fabric in the washing machine? And regarding the black dyes for polyster: can I still use that in the washing machine safely with my cotton clothing? If all is okay to use in the washing machine, should I be adding something to the powdered dye? Thanks so much for any replies.
  • Neither will work on the other. They are completely different processes. The poly won't take the natural dye and the natural fiber won't take the poly.

    Never put poly in the washing machine. Polyester dye needs high heat 212 F or 100 C (boiling water) to work. It is activated by heat. Idye natural works in the washer, but black is best done on the stove. You won't get a true black without heat.
  • Oh dear, was afraid you'd say that. Thanks for responding.