Recolouring backpack straps
  • Hello! I am looking to change the colour of the nylon straps on a student backpack. They're currently a cool light grey, but I want them to be more like this picture.

    I'm thinking that Jacquard's textile paint in brown ochre might do the job, since I can't use a dye bath without changing the colour of the bag itself. My two questions are:
    - are backpack straps amenable to recolouring?
    - how is the brown ochre likely to interact with the existing grey?

    Thanks very much for your time; I hope to hear back from someone!
  • The brown ochre will mostly cover the grey, so I do think that is a good choice.

    Nylon shoudl hold the paint poretty well. I would do several thin coats instead of 1 thick coat because it will adhere better. The other thing to do is you need to iron the paint once fully dry or add airfix.

  • Thank you for the feedback! I've not used your airfix product before, but it certainly seems like a useful product, so I shall give it a try.
  • It works with any acrylic, so if you were going to paint something outside with someone else's paint it would still be effective.