Cotton/Spandex with bleach spots
  • Which dye will work best on a 94%cotton 6%Spandex shirt that has a few bleach spots on it?
    My other question is mixing a dark teal/Oriental blue shade to match the existing color. Any ideas?

  • You are probably best off mixing procion teal #071 with medium blue 072.

    getting just the spots to dye is very difficult. Really as each layer gets darker the spots are still there in a lighter shade.

    You might be better off painting them very lightly with a very thin paint like Dye na Flow. We have a teal and turquoise there too. If you paint in very thin layers, you can match it better with the surrounding area.
  • Thank you!
  • Also, you might want to water the color down slightly to lighter than you want to match. that will allow you to blend it in more and build up layers until it blends in properly.
  • You might try bleaching the whole thing first, then dying it.
  • Thanks theengel. This is the way to get it perfect again, you are right.
  • Thanks everyone. I'm going to try matching first and if I'm not happy with it, I'll bleach and color.