• I use procion a lot and I find rinsing the dark colours quite a tedious job. It takes quite a lot of water to get the colour out and sometimes i give up long before the water is clear. Any tips?
  • Have you tried either Synthrapol or Solar Fast Wash? These are both detergents made specifically for dyes. They keep washed out dyes from backstaining(dyes that are rinsing out dying the fabric in areas you don't want them as in silk painting or tie dye). Both of these detergents grab that loose dye and wash it down the drain.

    Washing out dye can be a major chore, but a little synthrapol or Solar Fast wash and what was once a nightmare is pleasure. Maybe not that dramatic, but it is far easier to get the unsecured dye out and down the drain.

    These work really for almost any dye, so I highlye suggest it for anyone, especially if you are rinsing by hand.
  • http://jacquardproducts.com/synthrapol.html


    Here are links to check out. It is hard to say which is better. I think that the Solar Fast wash is my personal pick. It just works great. I think you need less too. A capful to a gallon of water and you have some powerful dye removing detergent.
  • Hi there... I also have the same question. I do use synthrapol, but I rinse each item under a faucet first, to get most of the dye out. But I find that for some items, it takes forever just to get most of the dye out under the faucet. Am I being too cautious? I may have 2 items that are reds and oranges and three items that are blues and greens in one load...

    Also a related question... I read that it's best to rinse by hand with cool water, and then wash in the machine with synthrapol and as warm/hot as the fabric can handle, followed by a cool rinse. Can you explain the rationale? Can I give it a quicker hand rinse in warm water (more dye seems to come out with warm) and then wash in synthrapol and warm? Thanks!