What type of dye is best for hand painting?
  • I got a question about whether it was a good idea to hand paint with Idye or not. The answer is that it will work, but it is not the best product for that use. Idye is really better when you heat it, so unless you want to constantly be adding hot water these 2 option below are for cotton or plant based fibers and silk or animal based fibers respectively.


    Procion is best for cotton and linen or any other plant fiber including rayon. It can be used at room temp and will be much brighter than Idye. It is best to leave it overnight in plastic to get the best colors. You should pretreat the fabric with Soda ash just as if you were going to tie dye. Then you can paint wet on wet or allow the soda ash to dry in the fabric and then paint.


    Our Green and red label silk colors are made for hand painting on silk and other animal fibers including wool. The green label silk colors are easiest because they can be set using the chemical dyeset concentrate. Red label colors must be steamed. The results that professional silk painters get with these dyes are amazing.


    There are 2 other products that can be used to great effect with hand painted dyes. Both prevent your painting from bleeding all over the fabric as you paint, so you can get sharp lines.


    No-flow prevents the dye from spreading while you paint. It is an anti-bleed product. You paint this on your fabric and the surface becomes a no-bleed zone wherever you have applied No-Flow


    Sodium alginate can mixed into the dye itself. It is a thickener that you can use to make your dyes the consistency of acrylic paint. It gives great color, and unprecedented control with dyes on a surface. You can even screen print with the stuff by adding extra aliginate!