Dying brown/beige to pink
  • Hi,

    I would like to dye a beige and brown spotted %100 cotton to pink with spots. Its a giraffe costume and we would like to make it a pink giraffe. Its ok if the dark spots stay brown, or turn to a darker pink. Do i use pink dye, or another colour to make this happen.

  • Pink dye will work best. It will definitely be both brown and pink, but because brown is fairly neutral the pink should come through. You can use either procion dye Bubble gum is a very light pink, hot pink is fluorescent. I would advise doing a half strength hot pink if you do that. You want to keep the pink on the light side, so that it doesn't get too muddy. You can always go darker, lighter is more difficult. Always use soda ash with Procion.

    You can also use the Idye, which is good without any fix. I like the color quality of procion pink better personally, and procion is less likely to bleed.