dye mixing suggestions
  • Other than simple trial and error mixing, I wish to recieve some suggestions on which colors to use ( and proportions of each ) to obtain certain colors that the Acid dyes do not come in. I realize that one Peach will be different from another, but to get the right start, this would help a great deal. Please send me your suggestions, Thank You ! The colors I wish to derive are: Peach, a "Dusty" or "Antique" Rose, and a sort of rosy flesh tone (Caucasian).
  • I would suggest doing a color run, that is using an ice cube tray or muffin tin, (Plastic ones), start with one drop of fuschia red and 9 of Lemon yellow and then 2 of fuschia and 8 of yellow and so on till you got where you wanted in color, then add water and thin it down till you get what you're looking for. Good luck. Might try half strength bubble gum for your causasian skin tone.