Eggshell Mosaic Jewelry Set

By: Linda Hollander. Published in “Craft Ideas" Spring 2014 issue and courtesy of Jacquard Products

Vibrant alcohol inks paired with white eggshells make for beautiful mosaic art to wear and display in your home. Gift this set to a special friend or relative for a truly unique present.

Note: Please feel free to mix your own colors!



  • Clean, White Eggshells
  • Art Minds TrinSurfaceket Box,
    3"x 2"x 2.5"
  • 4, Lara’s Crafts ¾" Finial
    Dowel Caps #11042
  • Jewelry Shoppe: Antique Silver Ornate
    Rectangle Bezel, 6mm
  • Bead Landing, Black Necklace,18" length




 Other Supplies

  • Royal Soft Grip Shader
  • Series Brushes: SG150, #4 & #12
  • 2 pairs, needle nose pliers
  • Delta All Purpose Sealer
  • Plaid Mod Podge Clear
  • Dimensional Magic
  • Wood Filler
  • Adhesives:
    • Eclectic Products E6000
    • Industrial Strength
    • Plaid Sobo Premium Craft
      and Fabric Glue
  • Stylus (large and small ball types)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Sandpaper
  • Small Cloth
  • Small Disposable
  • Container
  • Wax Paper or Tin Foil
  • Craft Stick
  • Small Saw
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • Craft Knife
  • Antibacterial


1. Cover work surface with newspaper.

2. Use saw to remove the turned area of the dowel cap. Sand the rough edge of the remaining ball (will become handle on lid).

3. Wipe inside bezel with rubbing alcohol.

4. Remove the hinge from the front of the box and discard or recycle. Fill holes with wood filler. Sand wood filler when dry.

5. Use appropriate-sized shaders to seal and paint surfaces. Apply Sealer to all wooden surfaces. When dry, sand lightly and remove dust with a soft cloth. Use white paint to basecoat outside of box. Use black paint to basecoat inside box, inside recessed area of box top, dowel caps (feet), lid handle, and inside bezel.

6. Crack eggs in half carefully with edge of knife. Rinse with warm water, and then soak in warm water mixed with antibacterial soap for several hours. Pull membranes off of the shell. The idea is to pull the entire membrane off the shell. This is tricky and takes some practice. Turn shells upside down on a paper towel to dry. They are very brittle at this point so handle with care.

7. There are two methods to choose from to making the mosaic for the recessed area of the box top. You may apply glue and shells directly to the box, or you can apply them to card stock then glue the cardstock into the recessed
area of box top. The cardstock method allows for mistakes and also can be used for practice.

8. Break an eggshell half into pieces the size of a nickel or slightly larger. Be sure to keep them face up on your work surface. Discard any pieces that may have been overturned as they will absorb too much ink.

9. Use a paint brush to apply a generous amount of Sobo glue to the center of the area to be covered. Place a piece of shell face up on the glued area. Use the craft stick to push down gently and break the shell up into smaller pieces. Avoid using your fingers to manipulate the shells. Use the stylus to spread pieces of shell apart slightly so the black background (grout) shows. Use brush to smooth out excess glue as needed. Repeat this process until the area is covered with shell. Use small fragments of shell to fill in small spaces as needed. Use the corner of the brush with some glue on it to pick up and place the small fragments. When finished, apply a thin coat of glue over top

Painting the Mosaic

1. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a disposable container. Apply several drops of each color of Piñata Inks onto wax paper, or foil, but be careful that they don't run together. Visually divide your mosaic into layers or strata. There are four layers of colors in the bezel (yellow, orange, pink, and red) and seven layers on the box top (yellow, orange, pink, red, pink, orange, and yellow). When applying the inks, work quickly as they dry fast.

2. Apply Sunbright Yellow to each end of the mosaic using #4 shader; apply two layers. Use the dirty brush and pick up a small amount of Tangerine. Lay the brush at the bottom of the yellow area and begin blending upward about halfway creating a gradation of color. Quickly rinse brush in rubbing alcohol and pat on paper towel.

3. Pick up Señorita Magenta and apply to bottom of the next layer blending upward into the Tangerine area and overlapping slightly. This will create a third color where the pink and orange layers meet. It’s important not to over blend or you will lose the blended color between two inks.

4. Use the dirty brush to add a tiny amount of Chili Pepper to the bottom of the next layer, and then blend upward into the pink layer. The Chili Pepper color is dark and intense so do not overdo this color. Set aside to dry several hours or overnight.

5. Clean your brush thoroughly in rubbing alcohol when finished. Blot the brush often on a paper towel and continue rinsing in rubbing alcohol until the brush is clean. If using the cardstock method, measure and cut your mosaic to fit the
recessed area of the box top. Apply Sobo glue with a brush to the box top then lay mosaic on top. Press down gently to secure. You may need to weigh the mosaic down with something to keep it level.

Painting the Box

1. Use orange paint to basecoat outside of box top and ruby red paint to basecoat outer bottom of box. Let dry several hours or overnight.

2. Apply painter’s tape to the box bottom to form approximately ¼" border. Burnish top edge of tape with finger to prevent paint from seeping. Basecoat border with white paint until opaque. When dry, use #4 shader and black paint to paint wide stripes. Carefully remove tape. Use the chisel edge of the clean shader to remove any seeped paint. For stubborn, dried paint use a touch of rubbing alcohol on brush.

3. Use large ball stylus and black to paint dotted pattern on top of box. Use small ball stylus and white to paint dots on handle and feet. Use E-6000 to glue the handle and feet in place.

4. Seal box with Textile Colorless Extender.


For mosaics: Place mosaics on a level surface. Brush off any dust or debris. Apply Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to the center of the mosaic. Allow the material to flow freely from the tube without squeezing. When you reach the edges of
the bezel, gently coax the material to the metal rim without flowing over it. Use a pin to pop any air bubbles that may have formed. Dimensional Magic will appear somewhat milky until dry. Cover the mosaics with a small box or container to keep dust from settling during the drying time. Additional coats may be added when dry.
Do not apply the topcoat in humid or damp conditions.

For pendant: Use both pairs of needle nosed pliers to hold a jump ring with its opening facing top/center. Hold one pair of pliers steady and pull the other pair toward you to open ring. Insert the bale of the bezel and the necklace cord into the open ring. To close jump ring, reverse step one.

Artist: Linda Hollander -

Finished project

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