Castaway Box

by Sue Stover

Here’s a great way to use your Castaway papers. This project took only about two hours to complete. Fill it with sweets and use it as a gift box or let it be a gift all on its own!


  • Jacquard Castaway Stamp Pad
  • Jacquard Lumiere (Citrine, Sunset Gold)
  • round paper mache box
  • Colored paper (Orange and Blue)
  • Wood beads and knobs, miscellaneous beads
  • feather
  • glue
  • Rubber stamps (Flowering Quince by Toybox Rubber Stamps, Helix Sun and Big Dots by Hot Potatoes)
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

1) Make your papers. Stamp the Helix Sun and Big Dots stamps on the orange paper. Stamp the Flowering Quince on the blue paper. Let stamped image absorb into the paper for a few minutes. Iron papers with dry iron on a cotton setting. Watch your images appear.

Step 1

2) Paint the edges of the box and the bottom with the Lumiere Citrine. You only need to paint where the paper won’t cover. Let dry.

Step 2

3) Cut out a circle of the blue printed paper for the top that is slightly smaller than the size of the lid. Glue down. Cut out the shape of the Helix Sun stamp, center it on the blue paper and glue that down.

4) Paint the larger wooden knobs in the Lumiere Sunset Gold. I had a set of 4 beads, so I used 3 for feet and one for the top. The longer smaller wooden bead was painted with Lumiere Citrine, and the middle pinkish bead I found laying around the studio. You can be creative with whatever you have on hand.

Step 3

5) When all the beads are dry, hot glue the feet to the bottom spacing them evenly. For the top, I put a little hot glue in the top bead and stuck in the feather, leaving enough of the feather quill to go through all pieces. Finish glueing all pieces together and then glue to the top.

Step 4

Finished project

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Castaway Box


Sue Stover is an artist that works in a variety of mediums including textiles, encaustic, furniture, sculpture and painting.

You can see Sue's work on her website