Acid Dye Egg Geode

By Victoria Garcia

“When we saw this project from Steve Spangler on Martha Stewart’s website, we had a hunch that we could substitute our acid dyes in place of the food coloring for an even brighter color. A little experimentation revealed that our guess was correct. Our acid dyes are perfect for creating brilliant and vibrantly colored crystal eggs. Today we share this project, adapted for use with our Acid Dyes."


  • Half an egg shell
  • Alum powder
  • White glue
  • Small paintbrush
  • Plastic or glass container
  • Jacquard Acid Dye
  • Hot water
  • Craft stick or spoon
  • Latex gloves
  • Drying rack or newspaper

1.  Carefully crack an egg shell in half just as you would when cooking.
*Make sure the inside of the eggshell is clean and dry.

2.  With a small paintbrush, apply white glue to the inside and cracked edges of the eggshell half, and sprinkle with alum powder until completely coated.
*Set aside to dry overnight.

3.  The next day, prepare growing solution in a glass or plastic container by using a craft stick or spoon to mix 2 cups of very hot water (almost boiling) with ¼ tsp of Jacquard Acid Dye.

4.  Add 2/3 cup of alum powder to the hot dye bath and stir until completely dissolved. If there are remaining crystals in the bottom of the container, place the solution in the microwave for a few minutes to dissolve them. This will prevent alum from being drawn away from the geode.

5.  Once the alum is completely dissolved, let the solution cool slightly for about 30 minutes. Submerge the dried, alum-coated eggshell in the growing solution, allowing it to rest on the bottom of the container with the inside of the shell facing up.

6.  Set the container aside in a safe place overnight to allow the crystals to grow undisturbed. The longer the eggshell is in the solution, the larger the crystals in the geode will be. Twelve to 15 hours will usually result in a perfect geode.

7. The next day remove the geode from the growing solution very carefully(as wet crystals are quite fragile). Be sure to wear latex gloves to prevent the dye from staining your hands.

*If you are not satisfied with the size of your geode crystals, return the geode to the growing solution and wait a day or two.  As water evaporates from the solution, more alum will be deposited in your geode, increasing the size of the crystals.

8. Place your geode on a drying rack or newspaper. Allow to dry completely before handling.

Finished project

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Acid Dye Egg Geode